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Pardner Pump 20 Gauge

Finally ….

A NoJam follower for the Pardner Pump 20 gauge. The first ever aftermarket follower that will fit this firearm.

Changing out the factory follower in any shotgun improves loading ease, action cycling, and reliability.

NoJam followers made by S&J Hardware are preferred by shotgunners that know best. They are made of 100% CNC machined Delrin. A DuPont product that has a very low coefficient of friction. Delrin has some very nice low friction properties and it is very resistant to solvents. Loading shells in the magazine tube is almost effortless and the NoJam follower won’t get melted or damaged by the solvents you use for cleaning.

It is called the NoJamTtype 4. It will be available in early May, 2017.

They can be found here:  S&J Hardware USA

Here is a video about it.

H&R 1871 Pardner Pump – Chambered Shell Changeout

H&R 1871 Pardner Pump – Chambered Shell Changeout

How to get one shell load type out of the chamber and quickly get another shell load type in the chamber with out wasting any precious shell capacity from the magazine tube.

Learn to do this quickly and efficiently.

Useful skill when hunting to change load types for different game. Slugs to birdshot for example.

Very useful in a tactical situation to change from buckshot to a slug load.

Shell quantity is very limited in a shotgun. Keep all the shell capacity in the magazine tube that you can.



This method also works on Remington 870 shotguns and their variants that utilize staggered interrupters.

Why do it this way?

If you drive the forend all the way back and do not re set the interrupter a second shell will be on the lifter and you will need to dump it out the ejection port before you drop in your “new” load type. This wastes a shell from your magazine tube.

Practice the illustrated method.

Learn to do this smoothly without thinking.

Special note: Practice this with inert shells or snap caps.





Pardner Pump Protector Tactical Light

Pardner Pump Protector Tactical Light

Pardner Pump Protector Tactical Light

A tactical light belongs on the Pardner Pump Protector.

A firearm that you may reach for in the pitch blackness of night needs a light on it. Seeing things that may go bump in the night or things that may be a threat to your family and loved ones is vitally important. Remember the firearms safety rule “identify your target and what’s beyond it.”

You can’t identify what you can’t see.

There are many tactical lights, forends, and mounts available for home defense shotguns. Many cost more than a Pardner Pump Protector costs.  That doesn’t make sense to me. I felt challenged to find a good quality mount and light……that would get you through the night in a bad situation for under $60. A perfect match for the rugged, reliable, and inexpensive Pardner Pump Protector. After my research here is what I chose;


Pardner Pump Protector Tactical Light

The Elzetta ZSM tactical shotgun mount. (www.elzetta.com)


Pardner Pump Protector Tactical Light

Ozark trail OT-200L LED flashlight from Wal-Mart.  It’s rated at 200 lumens, single function on-off switch. Under $20. I know what you’re thinking….Walmart? I can assure you the OT-200L is a solid performer. The switch is positive. It does not get activated by recoil.

Installation was simple. The Elzetta ZSM mount includes a variety of spacers that must get trimmed to fit the diameter of the light body.

Pardner Pump Protector Tactical Light

The Pardner Pump Protector has a longer magazine tube than most shotguns so no mag tube extension is needed to allow room for a tactical light.

Pardner Pump Protector Tactical Light

I am a left hand strong side shooter so I chose to mount the light on the left side positioning it about 1/8″ back from the barrel lug on the magazine tube.

I chose to position the light so some illumination spills on to the brass bead on the front of the barrel. That allows me to see the target and the bead. After all you have got to know where your gun is aimed to hit the target.

Pardner Pump Protector Tactical Light


I have run the Pardner Pump Protector though many drills at the range with all kinds of ammo; Buckshot, Target loads, and Slugs. The Elzetta ZSM Tactical light mount is rock solid. It did not move and it does not get loose. This is a great solution at a reasonable cost.

Remember you can’t identify your target if you can’t see it.  Get a light on your HD or tactical shotgun.

Pardner Pump Protector Tactical Light


Trap Shooting with the H&R 1871 Pardner Pump Protector

Trap shooting with the H&R 1871 Pardner Pump Protctor

Trap shooting with a Pardner Pump Protector? What a blast!

Trap Shooting with the H&R 1871 Pardner Pump Protector.

Had the chance to go trap shooting on Sunday. I decided to try the H&R 1871 Pardner Pump Protector at the 16 yard line.

Here is what I learned;

  1. You have got to swing the gun faster since the Pardner Protector has a short 18″ barrel. It took a bit longer to swing past the clay before firing the shot.
  2. The cylinder bore barrel broke the clays just fine from the 16 yard line.
  3. The trigger pull seemed heavy compared to my Browning BPS. Took some getting use to.
  4. On my particular Pardner Protector I had to cover the clay with the barrel to smash it. I could not float the target above the bead like I can with some other shotguns I use for trap shooting.
  5. Because the barrel on the Pardner Protector is short the gun discharge was louder than your usual hunting or clays shotgun. I was using Fiocchi target loads the gun report was noticeably louder.

I got some interesting looks at the range using the Pardner Pump Protector. I kept the Tac Star side saddle attached. No shells loaded in it. Folks aren’t use to seeing a short barreled shotgun on the trap field.

My score was 17 out of 25. Not bad for my first time using the Pardner Protector for trap shooting.



Pardner Pump Shotgun – Review Top Features

Pardner Pump Shotgun – Review top features.  The H&R 1871 Pardner Pump shotgun is a robust and reliable firearm. The firearm is priced very economically and some of its stock functional features are not included on other shotguns costing much more.

Here are the top features of the H&R 1871 Pardner Pump shotgun:

IMG_1119, Pardner Pump Shotgun - Review Top Features

Fully Machined Steel Receiver

1. Steel Machined Receiver. 

This means in manufacturing the receiver started as a solid block of steel.  Computer controlled milling machines systematically remove metal so the part takes its final shape. Often times this is done in multiple steps.

IMG_1112, Pardner Pump Shotgun - Review Top Features

Steel trigger guard, bolt release, and cross bolt safety

2. Metal Trigger Guard.

The trigger guard is made of metal. Many competitive designs have plastic trigger guards. I prefer metal trigger guards. I believe they are less fragile, less prone to breakage, in extreme cold temperatures.

IMG_1121, Pardner Pump Shotgun - Review Top Features

Solid tool steel machined extracto

3. Machined Extractor.

A high quality part for extreme reliability. Remington only uses machined extractors on the 870 Police version of the 870.  All other 870’s get a Metal Injected Machined extractor.

IMG_1114, Pardner Pump Shotgun - Review Top Features

Remington made barrel.

4. Barrel Made in the USA by Remington.

Remington barrels are made in the USA. H&R 1871 and Remington are corporately linked. They are both owned by the same holding company. There is a scale of economy and cost savings for the company. Barrels are very high quality.

5. Robust Reliable Action.

The action borrows many features from the Remington 870. Very proven trouble free design.

6. A 5 + 1 Capacity.

Many shotguns only feature a 4+1 capacity. An extra shell can be an advantage in certain situations.

IMG_1117, Pardner Pump Shotgun - review Top Features

Sling swivel studs installed

7. Sling Swivel Studs Installed.

Set up is for a two point sling

IMG_1111, Pardner Pump Shotgun - Review Top Features

Positive cross bolt safety a rear of trigger guard.

8. Positive Cross Bolt Safety.

The safety is in the rear of the trigger guard. Very easy to reach for right handed and left handed shooters.

9. Effective Recoil Pad Installed

Not as quite as effective as the Limb Saver recoil pad, but factory recoil pad still absorbs recoil very well.

10. A Variety Of Models Are Available.

Hunting, personal protection, youth, 12 Gauge, 20 gauge. Wood stock or synthetic stock.

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