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Oversize Safety Button

Installing an Oversize Safety Button

An oversize safety button is a worthy upgrade for the Pardner Pump. They are easier to activate and deactivate. When it is cold, wet, and when wearing gloves it is nice to know you can activate and deactivate your safety confidently, when you want to.

I am performing this procedure on a Pardner Pump Protector in the video. The trigger group is the same design as Remington 870 and 11-87 shotguns.

It is easy to perform this modification.

You can get the S&J Hardware oversize safety button here:

S&J Hardware Oversize Safety Button


Installing S&J Hardware Followers in a H&R Pardner Pump

Installing S&J Hardware Followers in a H&R Pardner Pump.
Here is a short video about how to install a S&J Hardware NoJam Follower in a H&R 1871 Pardner Pump.

The S&J Hardware NoJam followers are machined from DuPont Delrin, a self lubricating plastic that is impervious to most solvents.

The benefit to the shooter is easier loading and more reliable action cycling.

Very easy to install.

I will do a follow up article explaining the different designs of the S&J Hardware followers.

Followers can be found here:

S&J Hardware USA

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