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Trap Shooting with the H&R 1871 Pardner Pump Protector

Trap shooting with the H&R 1871 Pardner Pump Protctor

Trap shooting with a Pardner Pump Protector? What a blast!

Trap Shooting with the H&R 1871 Pardner Pump Protector.

Had the chance to go trap shooting on Sunday. I decided to try the H&R 1871 Pardner Pump Protector at the 16 yard line.

Here is what I learned;

  1. You have got to swing the gun faster since the Pardner Protector has a short 18″ barrel. It took a bit longer to swing past the clay before firing the shot.
  2. The cylinder bore barrel broke the clays just fine from the 16 yard line.
  3. The trigger pull seemed heavy compared to my Browning BPS. Took some getting use to.
  4. On my particular Pardner Protector I had to cover the clay with the barrel to smash it. I could not float the target above the bead like I can with some other shotguns I use for trap shooting.
  5. Because the barrel on the Pardner Protector is short the gun discharge was louder than your usual hunting or clays shotgun. I was using Fiocchi target loads the gun report was noticeably louder.

I got some interesting looks at the range using the Pardner Pump Protector. I kept the Tac Star side saddle attached. No shells loaded in it. Folks aren’t use to seeing a short barreled shotgun on the trap field.

My score was 17 out of 25. Not bad for my first time using the Pardner Protector for trap shooting.



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