Pardner Pump Shotgun – Review Top Features

Pardner Pump Shotgun – Review top features.  The H&R 1871 Pardner Pump shotgun is a robust and reliable firearm. The firearm is priced very economically and some of its stock functional features are not included on other shotguns costing much more.

Here are the top features of the H&R 1871 Pardner Pump shotgun:

IMG_1119, Pardner Pump Shotgun - Review Top Features

Fully Machined Steel Receiver

1. Steel Machined Receiver. 

This means in manufacturing the receiver started as a solid block of steel.  Computer controlled milling machines systematically remove metal so the part takes its final shape. Often times this is done in multiple steps.

IMG_1112, Pardner Pump Shotgun - Review Top Features

Steel trigger guard, bolt release, and cross bolt safety

2. Metal Trigger Guard.

The trigger guard is made of metal. Many competitive designs have plastic trigger guards. I prefer metal trigger guards. I believe they are less fragile, less prone to breakage, in extreme cold temperatures.

IMG_1121, Pardner Pump Shotgun - Review Top Features

Solid tool steel machined extracto

3. Machined Extractor.

A high quality part for extreme reliability. Remington only uses machined extractors on the 870 Police version of the 870.  All other 870’s get a Metal Injected Machined extractor.

IMG_1114, Pardner Pump Shotgun - Review Top Features

Remington made barrel.

4. Barrel Made in the USA by Remington.

Remington barrels are made in the USA. H&R 1871 and Remington are corporately linked. They are both owned by the same holding company. There is a scale of economy and cost savings for the company. Barrels are very high quality.

5. Robust Reliable Action.

The action borrows many features from the Remington 870. Very proven trouble free design.

6. A 5 + 1 Capacity.

Many shotguns only feature a 4+1 capacity. An extra shell can be an advantage in certain situations.

IMG_1117, Pardner Pump Shotgun - review Top Features

Sling swivel studs installed

7. Sling Swivel Studs Installed.

Set up is for a two point sling

IMG_1111, Pardner Pump Shotgun - Review Top Features

Positive cross bolt safety a rear of trigger guard.

8. Positive Cross Bolt Safety.

The safety is in the rear of the trigger guard. Very easy to reach for right handed and left handed shooters.

9. Effective Recoil Pad Installed

Not as quite as effective as the Limb Saver recoil pad, but factory recoil pad still absorbs recoil very well.

10. A Variety Of Models Are Available.

Hunting, personal protection, youth, 12 Gauge, 20 gauge. Wood stock or synthetic stock.

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